BBNaija star Uriel claims cooking good food alone is not enough to keep a man

BBNaija housemate Uriel Oputa is known for her amazing cooking skills on social media. She’s also got a great body that turns heads daily so it comes as a big shock to a lot of people especially her fans that she is still single and not married even with all these qualities.

One fan who believes the former housemate has all the qualities of a good wife, sent her a private message on instagram asking why she is not married yet.

The celebrity cook and business woman posted the fan’s question on her instagram page and claimed that knowing how to cook alone is not enough to keep a man.

Uriel added that if that was the case, she would already be married with three kids. she went further to advise ladies not to focus on only cooking but also develop other skills that would make them more valuable to themselves and their partners.

In her post she wrote:

“Food does Not Keep A man.. ?‍♀️ If it did I would have 3 kids by now!!. Secondly why is it always a problem when a woman is Not Married at by age of 27?? No cause for Alarm HERE..

Don’t ever let anyone tell you how to live your life, because it Gets real ah Na only you.. Thirdly I do more than Take of my family.. I run 3 businesses and Im educated.

Ladies build yourself always have something to bring to the Table..”

Another fan told her that she has been depressed for so long because she was not married and her family and friends keep mocking her.

Some of her own family members ask her when she is leaving her father’s house. The fan added that she has been feeling insecure about herself because of these comments and felt that there might be something wrong with her.

Uriel responded to her message by telling her that it was normal to be single and shared her own experience of when she almost married the wrong man.

In her reply she stated:

“LADIES You are FINE… Nothing is Wrong with You.. One Day I will share how I almost Marred the wrong Man.. Everything Happens for a reason.. everything..

When I broke up my Ex I thought God Hated me.. Not knowing he really saved me.. What’s yours will be yours ..No matter How old you are there is always a Chance for You.

“HOPE” IS acknowledged thoughts.”

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