Choosing the right diaper for baby

Every baby is of different size and shape. Hence, size plays a significant role in selecting baby items for your child. Most brands also size their diapers per the baby’s weight, thus to find the perfect diaper fit for your baby, you need to take your baby’s size into account as well.

When choosing diapers for your baby, put these things into consideration:

Baby weight
Diaper sizes vary with the baby’s weight. You will find diaper sizes ranging from newborn to extra large. However, to choose the best size for your baby, you should consider his or her weight first.

The wrong diaper size can result in discomfort and inconveniences, such as blowouts, leakages, rashes, and more. The same way babies come in different sizes and shapes, so do the diaper sizes.

Most brands produce diapers in five different sizes, including extra-large, large, medium, small, and newborn. These sizes also show the baby weight range for every size. By knowing your baby weight, you can easily pick out a size that will be a good fit for your baby.

Is it the right fit?
Just because your baby’s weight ranges for a specific diaper type doesn’t really mean that it is the right fit. To ensure the comfort and safety of your baby, you need to confirm whether the diaper you’ve chosen is the right size or not.

A diaper that fits well should look straight and proportioned equally on your infant’s bottom. The waist should be snug with the diaper just under your baby’s belly button.

The leg cuffs should wrap well around his legs and bottoms. To test this, run your fingers around the diaper edges once you put the diaper on him to make sure the leg cuffs are equally pulled out. Leg cuffs that are tucked inside can allow leakage.

You should also be able to comfortable and symmetrically fasten the tapes on the diaper waistband.

The good news is, by choosing the right diaper size for your child, the diaper will eventually adapt to your kid’s movement and shape and become comfortable for the baby in a day or two.

Know when to upsize
When pee and poo misfortunes happen, we tend to blame the diaper size or brand. Sometimes, it could just be that it’s wrong for your child. Blowouts and leakages happen because of diaper size.

Hence, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your baby’s diaper size as they grow older.

Once you start to notice red marks around the baby’s tummy are or upper legs from the diaper elastic, this could mean that you need to upsize. This is often an indication that the diaper size is too small for the baby.

Another sign that the diaper size is smaller is when you notice leaky masses from the diaper. Hence, the next time you go diaper shopping, try the next diaper size to make sure to scale up to a better fit for your baby’s comfort.

If you also notice excessive gapping at the legs and waist, this means that the size is too large for the baby. You need to upsize your baby’s diaper size when:

  • Diaper leaves marks on the baby’s skin or feels tight around the thighs and legs
  • When you have to use the edge of the tape to hold it in place
  • When there is more pee and poo leakage
  • When it’s too short, and the waistline is below the navel
  • While these factors are essential when choosing the best diaper fit for your baby, you should consider the price, convenience, absorbency, and diaper type.
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