Coronavirus: Permanent lifestyle legacies of an unseen enemy

Coronavirus is definitely going to change our way of life in many ways for a very long time to come, if not forever.

Our inability to freely socialize and be with the ones we love is a phenomenon so hard to understand and yet so vital to our survival.

The President of Ghana, in his ninth address to the nation, detailing measures and strategies mapped out to help win the fight against the novel coronavirus, did not miss the opportunity to reiterate the need for a change in attitude and lifestyle.

A change in lifestyle at a time like this, not only reduces your risk of contracting the deadly novel coronavirus but also puts you in a better position to live a healthier, fuller life even when coronavirus is no more.

Exercising at least three times weekly has been advised on more occasions than can be counted and according to health practitioners, this practice not only keeps your body physically fit, it keeps your mind alert, sharp and greatly enhances productivity during the day.

Washing of hands with soap and water is a personal hygienic protocol many African homes already practice, but is it done as effectively as should be?

In these times of fighting an unseen enemy that can be killed with something as simple as soap and water, the washing of hands should now shift from being a practiced protocol to a deliberate act.

Hands must be washed as often as possible and for the standard 20 seconds or even more if one can afford.

The use of hand sanitizers in circumstances where water and soap are not readily available can never be over-emphasized.

In our continuous quest to further win the battle against the virus whilst enhancing our way of life, our diets play a very important role.

Luckily for many Africans, the most important vitamins, necessary to help build immunity and thus help our bodies fight diseases (not just coronavirus) on its own are readily available in most of our diets.

Millet, brown rice (local rice), oranges, cashew, crabs, okra and a great deal of nearly all the local meals we eat are greatly fortified with Vitamins A, B6, C and E which boosts the body’s immunity.

This does not in any way suggest abuse of these ingredients, but as stated earlier, it only advises a deliberate effort to ensure they are included in our meals.

Coronavirus may one day be no more, but these legacies of the virus must remain permanent.

The legacies coronavirus will leave us, will put us in a better position to not fall victim to any other unknown microscopic enemies that may take us by surprise.

Fighting coronavirus has been a long and tiring journey , which can surprisingly be won on an individual basis by doing things that make our lives a lot healthier.

These things might be some of the enduring positive legacies of this unseen enemy which took us by surprise.

Source Naa Deisa
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