Face-mask fashion makes fighting virus ‘more fun’

Making the wearing of face masks compulsory to contain the spread of coronavirus has provided a challenge to fashionistas.

Nigerian designer Sefiya Diejomaoh, pictured above sporting a diamante-studded covering, did not want to stop being stylish, she told the Reuters news agency in the country’s commercial hub, Lagos.

“When you come out in a stylish mask or with an accessory such as this, it doesn’t seem as though we’re fighting a war. It seems more fun,” she is quoted as saying.

“People going around in surgical masks is depressing,” she said. “I have to maintain status quo and who I am despite the situation.”

“Everyone is on it right now including designers. It is a necessary fashion statement right now,” said Angel Obasi (above) who runs the Instagram account Styleconnaisseur.

Student Uche Helen, wears a face mask to match her head-band.

A Reuters photographer also spotted another woman in Lagos who went for the matching headgear and face mask combination:

Nigeria has more than 5,600 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 176 deaths from the illness.

Source BBC
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