Five common mistakes of falling in love

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud … as said by the Bible but above it all, Love is beautiful.

Regretting the act of falling in love is never justified, but sometimes we can’t help but feel exactly the same way, because it is nearly the same things we keep doing each time.

Here we will look at some common errors we almost always keep repeating despite how many times we have to get into new relationships.

1. Falling too quickly

No matter how good it feels, how great the vibe is, how nearly impossible your day gets when you don’t hear from him/her, greatly refrain from falling too soon.

Falling in love without building the basis and fundamentals of a great friendship is the fastest way to watch what was once a burning flame, fizzle out into nothing.

Take your time, study your love interest, heck learn them even and then fall for them and watch yourself grow in your love for them.

2. Not understanding what you want

Many a time people feel the need to be in a relationship simply because everyone else is. Not knowing what exactly you want from the person you’re with can often be a big mistake in falling in love.

Clearly define what you want in your partner, and what you expect from yourself towards your partner. This way, it is easier to know when your expectations are being met or not.

3. Over Availability

Being too available to people makes you lose value to them. Remember, scarce things are rated of higher value than readily available ones

Like very often said, familiarity breeds contempt. Don’t always be in your partners face and his affairs like you have no life of your own.

Get busy, engage in other activities that do not involve your partner. This way you each get much-needed breaks from each other and then there’s a lot more to do and say when you’re together.

Shared interests are amazing to have, but diversity in activity gives you room to cover more conversational ground.

4. Loving too hard

Being consumed by what you feel for your partner is very dangerous grounds to thread. As healthy relationships should be, you should grow and mature in your love.

Dropping everything you have going on, totally shifting the focus of your life, your goals and even aspirations for someone you’re dating can eventually be very unhealthy for you when the honeymoon phase dazes out.

Love is most beautiful when it is right and healthy. Head over heels love only hurts more when things do not go as you envisaged.

5. Expecting too much too soon

The expectations some people go into relationships with are sometimes very unrealistic and questionable.

More often than not, we forget we come from different backgrounds and do things very differently depending on how we were trained.

Expecting your partner to be like you and to do things your way only tires them out and makes them weary.

In the beginning, they would have no problem trying to make you happy, but eventually, your expectations become nags and then the problems start.

Love is no race to a finish line. Take your time, fall in love, grow in love, mature in your desire to be with some other person and study how to rightly love your partner.

Source Naa Deisa
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