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Tips on keeping your fruits and veggies fresh for longer

Salads, greens and fresh herbs
  • Store in a plastic bag with a little air in it OR in a wet paper towel in the fridge
  • Squirting a little lemon juice on a half-opened avocado keeps it from turning brown quickly
  • If you’re waiting for an avocado to get ripe, put it in a brown paper bag overnight and it will ripen faster!
Potatoes, onions and tomatoes

Many people store these foods incorrectly. These should not go in the fridge, but should be in a cool, dry place (just like they’re displayed in the grocery store).


A weird, but very effective trick to long-lasting pineapples: cut the leaves off the top and turn the pineapple upside down. This helps re-distribute sugars that sink to the bottom during transportation and shelving.

Sliced apples and carrots

If you’ve already cut these foods, store them with water to avoid that dried-out look. Add water to a plastic bag or tupperware container before placing them in the fridge.

Cucumber and eggplants

These foods can be stored on the counter at room temperature. The water they hold will keep them fresh as long as possible, while the refrigerator will actually dry them out!

It is important to separate specific fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and veggies produce a gas called ethylene while they ripen, and other foods can be sensitive to this gas and therefore spoil quickly

  • Ethylene producing foods: Apples, broccoli, carrots, leafy greens
  • Ethylene sensitive foods: Avocados, bananas, cantaloupes, kiwis, tomatoes

Avoid washing them until you’re ready to eat or use them. This is because fruits and veggies can be sensitive to moisture – especially berries. The wetness also encourages the growth of mold. Therefore, keep them dry until right before you’re about to eat them!

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