How to lose belly fat in weeks

Late night eating is simply bad for belly fat. To lose belly fat in few weeks, snacking too is prohibited.

So you have acquired a lot of fat around your belly, so much that it either jiggles or has developed into a pouch of sort?

At first, the teasing was funny but now you don’t want to hear it anymore. Right?

Or, maybe, you want your ex to look at you the next time you cross paths and be sorry he left your soon-to-be-hot body with a belly like that of Teyonah Parris and Beverly Naya?

Well, for you, redemption from belly fat has come.about:blank

You can totally lose belly fat with a few tricks in a few weeks, or maybe months, depending on your current weight and how much work you are willing to put in. But, first, the tricks that must precede the miracle.

How to lose belly fat in few weeks:

1. Know the carbs, and cut them out

To lose belly fat in few weeks, any white food is not your friend. That which is not your friend is worse than your enemy.

What are carbs?

Carbs are the carriers of those sneaky calories which makes our body expand faster than we know. Like magic, we never see them coming.

White food that increases belly fat includes: bread, rice, pasta, yam, garri anything made from flour is a no-no.

However, the only exception to the white colour rule for belly fat is sweet potatoes which are delicious and healthy with low glycerin index. There’s also brown rice or ofada rice, whole grain pasta, wheat bread, wheat crackers.

Yes, not eating white foods are hard but then why are you reading this? Is it not for the purpose of burning out belly fat?

2. Avoid fizzy drinks

To lose belly fat in few weeks, avoid fizzy drinks. Simple!

Any drink or beverage in a can or bottle that has the ‘fizz’ sound is to your belly what smoke is to an asthmatic patient. Remember, there’s inhaler for smokers to counter the reaction to smoking, but you, what do you have to counter belly fat?

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Sugar infested drinks, or fizzy drinks, are not good for you. Fizzy drinks that include alcoholic drinks are your biggest hindrance to weight loss and a first class ticket to belly fat island. Instead of sugar infested drinks, have naturally made juice and smoothies, they taste great too.

I will share some recipes for natural juice and smoothies with you in future articles. Stick around.

3. Do not eat after 7pm

Late night eating is simply bad for belly fat. To lose belly fat in few weeks, snacking too is prohibited. The only exceptions to eating late at night for losing belly fat are fruits.

Feeling hungry late at night while cutting down belly fat? Drown the hunger with water.

4. Include a lot of Fibre in your diet

Fibres helps you lose belly fat faster than you think. Fibres are good for your digestive system and make you feel full plus they have little or no calorie implication for your body.

To lose belly fat in few weeks, brace your meals with fibres. You will be thankful that you did.

5. Exercise to lose belly fat

So you thought I was not going to mention this? I was only saving the best for the last. You need to work out your salvation. I don’t mean crunches, you will be wasting your time with just that.

Do high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This is an intense form of cardio. It is intense but also very effective and works your core which is where your belly is situated.

Additional tips for losing belly fat in few weeks:

• Drink a glass of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before meals.

• First thing in the morning, a glass of water with lemon or lime or honey.

 You can also have a glass of Ceylon cinnamon and honey, morning and last thing before bed.

In conclusion, I would urge you to see these few stated points as offered help, and ensure you make use of them with action

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