How to take a break from social media

Digital detox doesn’t mean strict abstinence, it means moderation. You won’t find it difficult to go off social media for a while. In fact, you’ll feel good. Try our suggestions.

Maintain ‘physical distance’ with your phone

Avoid carrying your phone everywhere. People nowadays are so obsessed with having a phone in their hands that they have started taking it to the washrooms with them. If you do it too, then this is the best time to stop doing it. Also, fix a timeslot for every day when you and your phone will be in two different rooms.

Track and limit your social media time

Ironical as it may sound, technology will only help you stop misusing it. Currently, there are several apps which will help you keep a track of the time you spend on some apps including the social media ones. Set a time limit for yourself and detach from these platforms at the end of the set time.

Turn off the notifications

Sometimes even when your phone is away, the beep of a message or notification can tempt you to pick it up again. All these can distract us from our present moment or a task at hand. These distractions alienate us from ourselves and the real world. Therefore, try turning off all the social media notifications so that you don’t feel triggered to check your Insta or FB.

Have a ‘phone-free’ day

Sounds impossible? Not really. Designate one day a week when you won’t touch your phone. It’s easier to do it now, as you are home. Choose your off day for switching off your mobile. It won’t affect your official communication during this work-from-home phase. When you are free from mobile phone distractions, you’ll have the time and mindspace to do someting you love to.

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