How to lose weight in 5 minutes or less

Weight loss can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you’re looking to lose 5 or 50 pounds, making some easy lifestyle changes that only take a few minutes every day can be helpful.

Now, I bet you to form healthier habits that will have you reach your goal weight in no time if you’d stick to the following:

Planning your breakfast at bedtime

Research has found that starting your day with breakfast jump starts your metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

Settling on what to eat or actually, making your breakfast before you go to bed is sure to make your mornings easier. Your shakes, puddings or porridge is a fast breakfast you can whip up at night, chill and look forward to eating in the morning.

Brighten up your feed

Take five minutes today and go through your Instagram or Facebook feed and follow or “like” at least 10 health, fitness or motivational accounts. The more you flood your mind with positive thoughts and motivation, the easier it will be to make healthy choices and feel surrounded by others with like-minded goals.

Remember, what registers in your subconscious mind controls your being the most!

Clear your mind

A recent review of several studies found participants who practiced mindfulness experienced significant weight loss.

Sit in a comfortable spot in your home or office, and close your eyes. Bring your shoulders back, up and down to relax them and sit tall. Breathe in through the nose, then out through the nose. Focus on inhaling confidence and exhaling negativity. Do this for five minutes good time you get in the day.

Though it might seem awkward at first, this practice can be beneficial to your weight loss. Practicing breathing exercises and tuning into your thoughts connects you to how you are feeling both mentally and physically.

Practice cardio bursts

When strength training, add in five bursts of 60-second, high-intensity cardio moves like running in place, high knees or butt kicks.

Studies have found that these high-energy exercises will improve your cardiovascular fitness and help you lose body fat quicker.

Order water with your coffee or tea

Order a cup or bottle of water with your morning hot beverage, and while you wait for the fix, drink the water.

Recent studies have found drinking more water will aid in weight loss, body fat reduction and will reduce hunger.

For coffee lovers, replace with green tea, twice a week

Countless studies have found green tea consumption has a positive effect on weight loss and weight maintenance. What other evidence do you need?

If you hate the taste of green tea, try sipping it over ice and adding berries for extra flavour.

Take a scent-filled shower 

Research shows scents like lavender and vanilla aid in relaxation and stress reduction, which can result in weight loss.

To put this tip in action, buy a bottle of your favourite essential oil scent (think lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass or peppermint), then put a few drops on a washcloth on your shower floor and zen out.

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