Make your bedroom destination for a weekend vacation

That might just be the wisdom someone needs at the moment to bring back colour and freshness into your marriage and relationship.

Instead of planning a trip out of town and traveling far away to that ‘preferred location’, your bedroom can actually be the next vacation spot for you and your loved one.

And it comes with making that little investment that remains at home-an investment that keeps giving and giving each time you enter your bedroom.

Just like our attitude to most things in life, many of us have taken our bedrooms for granted…not recognising its immense potentials as the ultimate source of pleasure, peace and joy.

And the result is that we always want to get away. We look forward to every approaching weekend with just one plan “escape to paradise and have the best time of life.”

So, the real vacation spot is left fallow and abandoned with all its potentials to spark up endless albeit unforgettable seasons of romance, bliss and fun.

The only breaks you might need could just be to place an order for your favourite meals and pizzas…and the fun continues after. It begins with choosing a theme /concept or like we often say “deciding on how you want to feel each time you enter your bedroom.”

This feeling ranges from Romantic, Sensual, Peaceful, Fun, Spiritual, and Artistic. Moving this from concept to reality is now a decision for the professionals, but the main decision has been made by you.

Your bedroom has immense capacity to generate several experiences that can shape your entire day or week. So, why not explore these potentials and consciously manipulate them for a daily, weekly positive outcome.

From things as little as choice of lighting, colour of sheets, duvet and curtains to type and colour of floor finishing, ceiling and designs if night stands, dressers and wardrobe.

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