Abuja to host LinkedInLocal for top 100 professionals, executives, entrepreneurs

The LinkedInLocal Abuja host team has said it was set to host the #LinkedInLocalAbuja, a strategic networking and gala to foster commercial connections and executive learning among top professionals, executives and entrepreneurs based in Abuja.

The Host Team Lead for FCT, Fifehanmi Bankole, said that the #LinkedInLocalAbuja would be held on Aug. 29, adding that the nominations were now open for the summit.

“Registration of Expression of Interest is to be received through an open, web-based process at www.linkedinlocalabuja.com.”

“The probable participants, nominated from both the public and private sectors in recognition of their commitment to professional, career, commercial and national development are being pre-screened and pre-selected.”

“This will be based on not only their LinkedIn affiliation but also on their level of expertise and experience and the ability to represent a range of local and global perspectives.”

“It is generally about the future of work and specifically about the events on the theme: “Going Global: Creating Local Value for Global Relevance,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

Bankole added: “In addition to an exclusive evening of robust dialogue, across-the-board networking and sumptuous dinner at the Rooftop of the luxurious Wells Carlton Hotel, participants and organisations can subsequently request and be prioritised to benefit from expert guidance, evaluations and recommendations on how LinkedIn affiliation and engagement can impact and improve the results and productivity of their workforce – their most important asset.”

Bankole said that guiding the development and implementation of this exclusive Strategic Networking and Dinner Gala were experienced subject matter experts and consummate LinkedIn users led by a Harvard University Certified Consultant and Executive Coach.

Source NAN
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