One Sofa – 5 ways

A living space is just an empty space when it is not shared with loved ones. Entertaining, playing and generally having fun is our thing when it comes to designing a living room. We love anything that offers ways to change the dynamic and suit the purpose of any activity taking place in a space. Using the DESIRE sectional sofa, we have come up with 5 different set ups in the living room.

1. A nook to curl up in

Pushing all the sections together creates a nook for family to get comfortable in however they like – sitting up, lying down or curled up in the corner.

2. Do your own thing

For those times where everyone is busy with their own thing, but together – reading, watching TV, checking emails, listening to music – we arranged the sections together and the corner piece as a stand alone for privacy and personal space.

3. Hosting Casual get-togethers

Hosting dinner parties just got easier. This setting is for socializing with the liberty to move around and separate them into individual unit or two – three units together. The choice of fabric also ensure easy cleaning if unexpected spills occur.

4. A home cinema hangout

Tis is very ideal for those weekends you want to binge watch your favorite series. We put all the units together forming a u-shape that faces the TV-screen for a better view and experience. It also gives enough room to stretch out your legs and just be comfortable after all its a lazy day in.

5. Family devotion style

It is said that ‘a family that prays together, stays together’. All units are arranged together except one for the one who leads and still maintains the connection. There are no excuses not to pray together again.


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