Popular Nigerian snacks to try

Food is not just a substance being taking into the body to satisfy your hunger or appetite, it can also be related to the identity of a person. Here in Nigeria, different delicacies ranging from soup to snack shows the culture of people.

Here are some Nigerian made snacks that will get your mouth drooling for more;

1. Puff-Puff

Puff-puff is often used as a typical snack and when in smaller sizes, is a perfect fit for the small chops used in Nigerian occasions. This is prepared by spicing up your batter especially with diced fresh pepper and then deep-frying in vegetable oil. These days, the snack is made with a little more sophistication, thus we have such delicacies as the puff-puff suzette. Though in slight variations, this snack is also seen in some other parts of Africa.

2. Coconut Candy

Coconut candies are chewable, crunchy or candy like and are easy to make snacks. Traditionally they could be thinly grated and fried but in time the caramel initiative came in. Coconut candies also serve as desserts or treats. The creamy or golden-brown color is dependent on the choice of adding water or not, respectively. With water you can determine the caramelizing level.

3. Chin Chin

Chin chin is a crunchy snack made with well prepared dough, flavored and deep-fried; chin chin could also be oven-baked. The size and shape of the snack is generally of individual preference.

4. Akara (Bean Cakes)

This is one of the most popular snacks/food in Nigeria. It is made from beans flour, spiced to taste and deep-fried into balls; they are taken with pap/custard, eaten with either plantain/yam/potato fries with stew. Whether or not as a roadside snack, it is best served hot; eaten alone or with bread, and of course accompanied with chilled fruit drink.

5. Donkwa

Donkwa canapés, such are the wonders of tradition plus convention. Donkwa is a traditional snack of the northern Nigerian Hausa tribe, made of finely grounded corn meal and groundnut, spiced with Chili peppers, then mixed with small amounts of oil and water and there you have it, mold to form and the snack is good to go.

6. Boiled/Roasted Maize & Coconut/Pear

Depending on the time of the day, this can serve as food, finger food and a snack as well. The Maize can either be boiled or roasted, and can also be accompanied with either coconut or pears. This combo is a healthy fibre-packed snack.

7. Plantain chips

plantain chips are one of the popular light snacks in Nigeria. Indeed there are a variety of things to do with plantains, ripe or unripe. As snacks, they are made as chips, roasted/fried plantains, plantain pancakes, plantain pies or battered plantains. Whatever your choice or invention, plantain chips could be one of the oldest Nigerian snacks ever.

8. Egg rolls

The Nigerian egg rolls might be casually mistaken for scotched eggs but on a closer look, the difference is quite clear. The snack is made by practically wrapping up a boiled egg in dough, and deep-frying it.

9. Kokoro

Famously known as the crunchy corn meal snack, Kokoro is native to the western part of Nigeria. It is made from a specially prepared dough consisting of corn meal, sugar and water (boiling hot water), rolled to shape and deep-fried. It could be spiced or not.

10. Kuli kuli (Groundnut Cake)

Kuli is native to the Nigerian Hausa tribe. It is made from roasted peanuts; grounded, spiced and deep-fried. This is one snack which also permits a range of variety in terms of size and recipe. It has become a popular Nigerian treat.

11. Guguru & Epa

Nigerian spicy popcorn and peanut recipe right here. Locally called Guguru and Epa, this absolutely addictive popcorn-peanut snack, is one of the simplest African recipes out there. 

12. Gala

Last but not the least, the ‘famous Gala’. This is the typical Nigerian road side snack.

Gala Sausage Roll is the highly nutritious, delicious and satisfying snack made from pure beef filling and rich wheat based pastry. Varieties have been introduced i.e Chicken filling branded in green cellophane pouches.

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