Nigerian lawyer set to wed himself, invites friends to his ‘Holy Sologamy’

An Abuja-based counsellor who is planning to marry himself has released a wedding invitation card, calling on friends to attend his “Holy Sologamy”.

Victor Ibeh, shared the invitation poster of the uncommon wedding ceremony which is scheduled for August 11, 2019, in Abuja, Nigeria, on social media on Wednesday.

It reads: “It’s love! You’re invited to the Holy Sologamy of Victor & Victor.”

There are several types of marriages observed across different countries, but Sologamy is one of such rarely talked about ceremonies globally.

It is usually done without an officiant.

Supporters of the practice argue that it affirms one’s own value and leads to a happier life. Critics, on the other hand, claim that it is a narcissistic practice which suggests low self-esteem.

The move appears to be the first of its kind in Nigeria, a rather conservative country.

Victor, who has two Facebook accounts – one personal account and one business account – has updated both to show that he’s married to himself.

He graciously accepted congratulatory messages from his followers wishing him well.

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