Christians who pray for death for their enemies will go to hell – Daddy Freeze

Religious critic Daddy Freeze has claimed that Christians who pray for their enemies to die will not make it to heaven but will go to hell.

According to him, it contradicts the true teachings of Jesus but preachers have fed their members these false teachings.

He said, “You are far better off and have a greater chance of making heaven, living with no religion whatsoever, or with any other faith than Christianity, if you don’t love your neighbour.

A Buddhist, Shintoist, Hindu or Muslim who loves his neighbour, will make heaven faster than a Christian who doesn’t. (Matthew 25:31-41).

Most of your ‘daddies in the Lord’ have fed you half-baked doctrines shrouded in lies, telling you to pray for your enemies to die, in direct contradiction to the teachings of Yahushua.”

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