Kenyan government deports ‘Jesus Christ’, arrests pastors who invited him

Kenya’s Government has effected the arrest and deportation of the Whiteman dressed as Jesus Christ who was reportedly invited into the country by two local pastors.

The ‘Jesus Christ’ was reported to have been going around, taking money from Kenyans to perform miracles and secure seats for them in heaven.

Two Kenyan pastors who empowered him have also been arrested.

He had been hosting and moving with the caucasian male, convincing believers that the Whiteman is ‘Jesus Christ’, and He had finally come back as he had promised.


The man is a US preacher and actor called Michael Job, attending an interdenominational Christian event as a guest speaker.

He lives in Orlando, Florida, where he has been playing Jesus at The Holy Land Experience theme park, which describes itself as “a living, biblical museum”.

Photos and videos showing him speaking at an event in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi have been widely shared on social media across Africa.

Tweeters have generally been making fun of the photos and how pastors in Africa like to claim miracles.


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