Students from Ghanaian fashion school make lovely dresses out of recycled plastics

Students from a Ghanaian fashion school, Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design (JACCD) thrilled patrons at their fashion event when they showcased their amazing clothes made strictly out of recycled plastic items.

The clothes made from plastic bottles, water sachets and plastic bags are the students’ way of tackling the plastic waste menace facing most West African countries.

Ghana alone has about 2.58 million metric tonnes of raw plastics imported annually of which 73 percent effectively ends up as waste.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Eleanor Ashitey, Head of the Fashion Design Department at JACCD stated:

“Projects are done to bring out the creativity and originality in students.

“It is also to open the minds of the students to the fact that Fashion is more than just buying fabric on the market and making an outfit.

“Fashion is a way to communicate. This is the right time to speak to the plastic menace in our country and begin to open minds on ways plastic can be reused.

“Our students spoke to this menace in a truly inspiring way and I was left amazed by the depth of thinking that went into these pieces.”

Check out the top 3 dresses below:

Odonkor Concept: Top made from plastic bottle and skirt made from water sachets. Outfit speaks to the pollution in the ocean and the harm to our sea life.
Ohenewa Vanden-Bossche Concept: Raincoat made from water sachets. Use of water sachets in a functional way for everyday life.
Emmanuella Odor Concept: Outfit made from water sachets. Rocket made from refill bottles and flames made from plastic bottles. Fabric around the rocket signifies the people of the earth that are being overwhelmed by plastic waste.
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