Where would you spend the next 25 years of your life?

Truth is: you will spend at least a quarter of your life in your bedroom.

So, if you live for 100 years, you are going to spend 25 of those years in your bedroom.

Imagine spending (or should we say wasting) all of that in a room that bores you?

Does your bedroom generate the right energy needed to motivate and inspire you to dream and achieve?

These are some of the questions we have been asking anyone who cared to listen since the past five years when we began our bedroom revolution.

And we’ve found out that very few of us can boldly show off our bedrooms. Were we disappointed?

Of course not! Many bedrooms are just there; a place to sleep and wake up.

Since they are the most private parts of our home, the motivation to make it truly remarkable isn’t just there.

“After all, visitors can’t go in, so why bother?” And we rob ourselves of a fundamental source of inspiration.

Your bedroom is more than just a room where your bed is. We believe your bedroom is your sanctum; a sanctuary, a place of serenity and tranquility.

It’s a place you go to when you want to have that often-elusive feeling of serendipity; where your spirit and soul are renewed to confront the challenges thrown at you on a daily basis.

And if you have a partner, your bedroom is EDEN, the ultimate zone! Operators of five star hotels understand this secret hence each time you are on a trip and lodged in a five-star hotel, the feeling of checking out is soon replaced with that of “so, I’m going back to that room again”.

“Any time I travel and lodged in my favourite hotel, I often feel like carrying my room with me when checking out of the hotel”.

That was a true confession from one of our customers. “I’ve wanted to end this feeling, I’m its over now; I can now look forward to my personal bedroom each time, I’m checking out of my hotel room”, he says.

Isn’t that how we should feel? That can be your daily slogan each time you leave home. You can have pleasant memories of your bedroom daily; memories that energisers and sends you running home to be with your special one. We’ve done all the work.

Just come and see and have fun. We have assembled a collection of exciting bedrooms for you to see, experience and possibly take home.

You can even see how you can tweak the concepts to suit your daily lifestyle; assuming what we have is way too ambitious.

You need a bedroom that caters for your need for relaxation of body and soul; a bedroom that communicates comfort, class, order and good enough for entertainment, cerebral pursuits and of course, romance and affection.

That’s what we have assembled for your pleasure.

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