You get nice buttocks from playing tennis!

Many people now know that playing tennis regularly is healthy. It improves your endurance, strengthens your bones and contributes to a healthier body weight. In addition, it is good for your brain: playing tennis improves your eye-hand coordination and ensures that you can learn and remember better.

Moreover, tennis players have a higher life expectancy than other athletes such as swimmers, soccer players and non-athletes. Tennis players in middle age even have a 55% lower risk of cardiovascular disease than non-tennis players!
But these benefits almost don’t sink with this important finding: tennis gives you nice buttocks!

This is because your gluteal muscles are important in explosive actions such as sprinting and jumping. And in tennis you always have to move around the court to hit the ball. You have to accelerate forwards, backwards, sideways, brake, make a split-step and then change direction within a fraction of a second.

You use a lot of muscles for this, but especially the muscles of your thigh and buttocks. The large buttock muscle is the largest muscle in the body and determines the shape of your buttocks. By training this regularly you will get nice round, muscular buttocks!

Because you use your gluteal muscles in tennis not only when you rush to the ball, but also with every stroke. The gluteal muscles, also called gluteal musculature, form part of the entire movement chain (kinetic chain) in tennis.

Hereby the power is built up from the ground and passed through the legs to the hips, back, striking arm and finally the racket and the ball. Playing the gluteal muscles is an important link in this and are tightened with every stroke.

The more you go through your knees, the more you use your thigh and gluteal muscles (mainly gluteus medius and maximus). When playing on grass, the ball bounce is lower and that is why players often have some muscle pain in their buttocks during the transition from gravel to grass.

You will also feel that your buttocks have to work hard if you start to fuller and go a bit deeper. Or if you are going to do a lot of cross-court exercises for your backhand. Or if you are going to train your service and use more knee action.

In short, there is almost no battle in tennis that does not contribute to nicer buttocks. Who doesn’t want that, with the summer ahead?

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