Jesus Is King – Kanye West

No one dominates the entertainment media cycle like Kanye West.

Whether he’s making another debate-stoking remark, announcing a surprise set at Coachella, or teasing new music through a variety of methods, he always knows how to get attention.

West’s latest head-turning offering comes in the form of a trailer for his upcoming film, Jesus Is King.

The movie will be a live recording of one of his Sunday Service concerts in Roden Crater, an Arizona-based art installation by light and space artist James Turrell.

He and a choir will perform a variety of songs specifically arranged for the film and will include music from his new album of the same name.

Imax has partnered with West to release the film in Imax theaters nationwide on October 25.

The album which in the traditional fashion of West has been delayed several times, was initially scheduled for release on September 27.

It was changed to September 29 soon after, and is set for October 25 (the same date as the film) pending West “likes it by then,” as he told a crowd at George Washington University in Washington D.C. on October 12.

Source TheHollywoodReporter
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