The luxurious life of pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, who is in his early -40s, is the founder of Common Wealth of Zion’s Assembly, popularly called COZA. He is the first son of a middle-class family of four.

He started as a church drummer before moving on to start his own church in what he believed was his calling. He got married to Modele at a very young age, and the couple has four children together. Hand in hand, the couple builds COZA from scratch to what it is today, a mega-million church for the elites.


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  1. Ebenezer Tope Gbadeola says

    You are a lazy writer! It is you people that are destroying our noble profession. I am against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo on Busola’s case. What you wrote does not reflect your caption. I expected you to have done your research and give details of the luxury life of the pastor.It is obvious you are only cashing out on the recent mess this child of God is. I pray that God will restore him.But for you, go to school of Journalism and get trained. I am a graduate of physics but because I have interest in Journalism, I went to Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos for a PGD in Broadcast Journalism; graduating with Upper Credit! God bless you as you do the needful.

    1. Bamidele Segun says

      Excellent reply sir.

    2. Dayo Ogbodo Haastrup says

      Very lazy writer!

    3. Iorkyaan Timothy says

      Hahaha that’s right

  2. Oyekanmi says

    True sir. Your story is entirely different from your caption. What we have here is more like a wikipedia biography and doesn’t relate to what i expected

  3. Ukpeh Solomon says

    A very lazy writter indeed. I expected more n event though he will relate the it to the present happening.

    I had to look for continue page , scrolling up and down to no avail.
    Every body most not write and if you want to, there is a school or forgive it.

  4. fateemah akinyode says

    Non sense write up. I kept on scrolling hoping to find the rest of the story!

  5. Kesiye says

    That is how most Nigerian Journalists write. They twist the headline to suit their purpose whatever that purpose is. Heres’s an examplr: “Buhari orders payment of minimum wage but says no increase for workers earning 30K and above” which is not what Buhari said. I heard it in the news.

    1. Tolulope A says

      Very good response from Ebenezer. You are not just lazy, your intellectual capacity is low.

  6. Tosin says

    Bastard! Uselsss page. May God punish you and your family for wasting my time to read this nonesense. May you not eat the fruit of your Labor. You will die a miserable death. Ase.” Orunmila

  7. Joshua says

    I was seriously wondering where the writer was trying to drive at. Seriuyosy some folks need brain surgery to really check if their head is correct.

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