Angry Nigerian soldiers to undergo counselling

Two Nigerian soldiers are to undergo counselling for mental stress after they were seen in a viral video complaining about being ill-equipped to deal with Boko Haram militants.

The army says the video, in which a military vehicle is also seen on fire, was recorded after troops were ambushed by suspected Islamist insurgents while on patrol in the north-eastern state of Yobe.

In the past public such outbursts from soldiers have led to summons to a court-martial, so it is unusual for the military to respond saying the “uncomplimentary” remarks were due to “distress in the fog of war”.

While the military have not commented on allegations made by the soldiers, such concerns are not new.

For years troops fighting to end the decade-long Boko Haram insurgency in the north-east have been complaining of being ill-equipped despite huge sums of money being budgeted for weapons and training.

Some accuse the authorities of massive corruption and neglect.

The authorities often deny the allegations, usually accusing complainants of sabotage and cowardice.

Source BBC
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