Coronavirus patient escapes from quarantine facility in Ghana

A patient with coronavirus who was under quarantine in Northern Ghana has fled the facility, Regional Minister Salifu Saeed has confirmed.

The patient is said to be one of 10 nationals of Guinea who were arrested and kept under mandatory quarantine in the regional capital Tamale when they attempted to enter Ghana after the closure of the country’s borders.

Mr. Saeed told the media that the patient, whose name has been withheld, scaled over a wall on Monday, March 30, leaving behind her belongings.

“Since yesterday, up till this morning, I have not slept with my security people,” Mr. Saeed told the media.

The government has since launched a manhunt for the patient who has left medical and government officials worried over the safety of people who may come into contact with the said patient.

The 10 Guineans who were arrested last Sunday under the orders of the Regional Security Committee of the Northern Region entered Ghana through Burkina Faso and Togo and had tested positive for Coronavirus.

So far Ghana has recorded 152 confirmed cases of coronavirus with the death toll at 5.

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