Drama as Bobrisky receives one hell of a beating from driver who slammed into his Range Rover

Monday, October 21 would be one of the memorable days in the life of Bobrisky after he took one hell of a beating from an unidentified man who bashed his Range Rover in Lekki.

The controversial crossdresser was driving along the Lagos State city at about 5pm when his luxurious car got slammed from behind by the driver.

In a footage that has gone viral on the internet, Bobrisiky could be seen trying to settle the matter with the driver of the other car in the middle of the road while other commuters manoeuvered their way around them.

Although accidents do happen, the incident seems to have escalated over a misunderstanding between both parties, and shortly the two were engaged in a scuffle.

Bobrisky appeared to have been taking pictures of the number plate of the second car when the driver smashed the crossdresser’s new iPhone 11 Max to the ground, breaking his screen in the process.

Outraged by the move, the controversial internet sensation ran into the driver’s car to seize his phone and car key only for him to run after Bobrisky to fight him for his belongings.

Watch the video below

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