How I fell in love with my husband in four days after dating – MoCheddah

We met through Osagie. Osagie was managing Wizkid at that point and she came to me and was like, there is this guy I want you to meet, and she says his name and shows me his photos from facebook.

He was with a friend in the picture. And I was like, no no, no he’s not my type but funny enough, I liked the friend he was with in the picture. Anyway, Osagie went ahead and gave him my number.

This dude didn’t call me until like after 3months but I didn’t care because I wasn’t interested in meeting him. 

He calls me and I’m like wow, the dude has got a nice voice. When he called me, he knew what he wanted, he went straight to the point, he was so mature and natural and I fell for him.

Immediately after the call, I told my younger sister that damn, I have found my husband.

He didn’t even really ask me out. We started dating like 4 days after, infact I told him I love you like six days after we met.

After like a month of us seeing each other, I had to ask him, what was going on with us and he says, you are my girlfriend and I could never have been happier. I was telling the whole world I have a boyfriend. He was my first boyfriend and I’m glad I married my first.

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