IGP blames police brutalities against citizens on depression

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has blamed work stress leading to depression among his men as the main reason for police brutality on citizens in Nigeria.

Speaking at the maiden Conference of Medical Officers and heads of medical facilities in the Nigeria Police Formations and Commands, the IGP stated that his men endure long hours of work and that has taken a toll on them.

He said the 12-hour daily shift puts so much stress on the police that they are not able to deal rationally with Nigerians.

He therefore called for the 8-hour duty period to be restored unless there is an emergency in order to give his men the needed rest that they deserve.

“Arguments have been raised that the resonating incidents of misuse of firearms and other extra-judicial actions by police personnel often result directly from work-related stresses and emotional conditions which disorient their rationality,” he said.

“In consideration of this, I have ordered that with immediate effect, the shift duty structure of the Nigeria Police which is currently a 12-hour, two-shift system should be reverted to the traditional eight hours, three-shift standard.”

Source Jivenaija.com
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