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Linda Ikeji excited as her son JJ drives his Bentley Continental GT


Celebrity blogger Linda Ikeji could not contain her joy when her son, Jayce Jeremi (JJ) had his first ride in hs car over the weekend.

Linda shared a video of her son driving his customized Bentley Continental GT around her mansion on her instagram page.

In her post, the excited mother wrote:

“I’m such a proud mama right now! My 8 month old baby can drive! He started the car and I asked him to put the gear in reverse and he did. Asked him to put it forward and he did. Mehn, I had to share this video. Lol. When I bought this car a few months ago, they said he couldn’t drive it till he was about 2 years old…well, Jayce doesn’t want to wait till then . #mymiracle. #mywholelife. #mygreatestjoyGosh, motherhood is the best! I pray every woman looking for the fruit of the womb will be blessed with their heart’s desire soon. Amen. Enjoy the video..


Source JiveNaija.com
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