Marriage is a scam in Nigeria – Kemi Olunloyo

Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo says she has never been married and never will because in her personal terms “marriage is the biggest scam”.

The controversial media personality, who has children but without a husband, through a post on her Twitter page, urged potential couples to “dump marriage” and “stay single”.

Kemi said she had seen many relationships end in divorce – 30 years after she vowed to stay single – and believes the culture should even be criminalised in Nigeria.

“Open your eyes! Stay single!” she wrote on Twitter. “Never been married, never will. I said this at 27yo. 30 yrs later my classmates are DIVORCED or on 4th husband like Joy Nunieh.”

“Many married men kill wives too, frequent Prostitutes, side chick. Dump that marriage culture, buy a sex toy and LIVE.”

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