Baby on board! Woman gives birth in the back of an Uber

“Helped me give birth” is not one of the feedback options available after a passenger finishes a ride in an Uber – but perhaps it should be.

Uber driver Krunal Shukla, originally from Gujarat, India, had a surprise extra passenger when he picked up a heavily pregnant woman, her father and younger sister from a home in east London with their destination set as St Thomas’ Hospital.

After just a few minutes in the car, Ada Luguterah realised her baby was not going to wait.

“We thought we had time but a few minutes later it was contractions and the baby was coming straight away,” Mrs Luguterah told Sky News.

The baby’s mother explained: “[The driver] had to call the ambulance and my sister had to catch the baby in the back seat of the Uber!

Laughing, she added: “At the time same time, we were worrying about the fact that we were going to mess the car up.”

Mr Shukla took control of the situation, pulling over in Amersham Road, New Cross, at around 1.30am on Friday morning and calling for an ambulance.

Source Skynews
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