Bobrisky spells out terms to earn invitation to his 28th birthday party

Bobrisky is counting down to his 28th birthday scheduled to take place on August 31, 2019, in a three-day event.

Dubbed “the biggest party ever”, the celebration will kick off with a visit to the orphanage as well as the killing of a cow. On the second day, the male Barbie plans to have the main birthday party followed by an after-party in the club.

The third and final day is set aside for a beach party at an undisclosed location.

Despite a slew of celebrities who will be attending, Bobrisky is giving a number of his fans the opportunity to party with him. But there are terms and conditions attached to the invitation.

In a post on his Instagram account, the cross-dresser announced that invitation will be extended to just 60 lucky fans who will be given equal treatment as other A-list guests.

“60 invites for all my fans. I want to invite 60 lucky fans to celebrate ? with me next week Saturday let all have fun. Don’t worry I promise to treat all the 60 fans equal with my guest that day. One more thing I promise to feed you guys till you are all tired.”

To qualify, Bobrisky says:

1) you must spray me when am dancing… it’s my birthday

2) I’m picking randomly I don’t care about your look.

3) you must be my very good fan I mean die-hard fan. When you get your invites all information are on the details. It an all WHITE party. See you all soon!

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