DR Congo gunmen say health workers ‘brought Ebola’

A senior official with the World Health Organization (WHO) has described how gunmen stormed a hospital in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Friday, accusing health workers of bringing Ebola to the country, and shooting dead a Cameroon doctor.

Dr Michel Yao, WHO’s Ebola response coordinator in DR Congo, said epidemiologist Richard Kiboung was chairing a meeting when two men entered a room at Butembo University Hospital, ordering health workers to lie on the floor and robbing them of their belongings.

Dr Yao said the gunmen then shot dead Dr Kiboung.

He quoted a colleague who was in the same room with the epidemiologist as saying the gunmen “were complaining about how we brought Ebola”.

Dr Kiboung had been sent there by WHO in response to the Ebola epidemic and he leaves behind four young children and his wife.

The WHO official said Dr Kiboung was a great leader who was very committed to serving his patients.

Several health workers at treatment centres in DR Congo have been attacked since the current outbreak started in August.

A survey in Ebola-hit areas of DR Congo has shown more than a quarter of people do not believe the disease exists.

A journalist tweeted a picture of Dr Kiboung on Monday:

Source BBC.com
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