Famous South Africa mosque hit with noise complaint

A famous mosque in South Africa’s coastal city of Cape Town has been hit with a noise complaint over its call to worship broadcast during the holy month of Ramadan.

The City of Cape Town tweeted that it had received a complaint about the 100-year-old Muir Street mosque, located in the District 6 suburb, and that it was obliged to investigate.

It, however, said that this will be done after Ramadan, and the call to worship will not be stopped.

The mosque authorities said in a statement that they had been engaging city officials over a “single complaint” and they were going to address it after Ramadan.

The mosque dates back to the arrival of people from the Indian sub-continent who settled in District 6 during the late 1800s, its website says.

The area was reserved for white people in the 1960s, leading to the evictions of other races and ethnic groups.

Places of worship were, however, spared and the mosque has grown over the decades with properties, expanding its activities, which include a madrassa [religious school].

Source BBC.com
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