I wish I had a best friend I could share my wardrobe with – Laura Ikeji

Nigerian fashion blogger and entrepreneur Laura Ikeji has stated that she wishes that she had a partner in crime who would love to share her wardrobe with her.

The celebrity with a high sense of fashion posted on her Instagram page that although she has a best friend, she does not share the same taste in fashion like she does and it would be awesome if she could find someone whose taste in fashion matches hers.

She added that it could be anyone at all from an unknown person that she feels comfortable enough with to a family member or even an in-law, just anybody at all that can match her vibe and energy.

She wrote: “Sometime I wish I had a best friend that can come borrow my wigs, clothes, bags, shoes, someone that can come to my house without me being around, someone I could trust enough to travel with me and my family, (Not a staff or someone who works with me), someone who loves fashion like me, or maybe if my husband had a younger sister she could share my stuff with me or maybe”

Laura posted a picture of herself standing in a room full of clothes, wigs, bags and shoes, basically all the luxuries a fashion blogger would be into.

She added that she loves her best friend who she referred to as Yemisi but admitted that her best friend is too independent and does not ask her for anything.

“My best friend @misszaynab doesn’t care about all these, this girl hasn’t asked me for a dime in about 15 years that I’ve known her,” she said.

“I love u Yemisi, just sometimes I wished u liked all these fashion and its mess lol. U just no send.”

Source Jivenaija.com
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