Nigeria police boss launches probe into force’s own legal team

Nigeria’s police says it’s investigating its own legal department.

The move comes after a lawsuit was filed by police lawyers challenging the legality of the panels of enquiry looking into abuse by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or Sars.

The Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, ordered the investigation after news of the lawsuit trended on social media on Thursday.

In a statement, a spokesperson said Mr Adamu disapproved of the move and was committed to the judicial panels and the reform of the police.

Panels of enquiry have been set up across Nigeria following nationwide protests against police brutality in October.

The protests called for the disbandment of the elite police unit known as Sars.

Despite the unit being dissolved protests continued for a further nine days, as demonstrators asked for broader police reforms.

Rights group have long accused the Nigerian police of extortion, illegal detention and even extra-judicial killings.

Source BBC
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