Nigerians warned over fake coronavirus news

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has issued a warning about a fake photograph circulating on social media which claims to be a BBC News online report confirming two cases of coronavirus in a university student hostel in Kano.

The NCDC said the image had been doctored.

“The image was edited by unknown persons to use BBC’s platform in spreading fake news and panic. Please disregard,” it said in Twitter.

In a statement, Bayero University said there have been no cases of coronavirus in the university.

It also confirmed that the university was shutdown on 20 March following government directives. They have appealed to the public to ignore the fake post and condemned the individuals responsible as “heartless”.

Facebook and Twitter have both said they are working with the governments around the world to combat fake news on their platforms.

The NCDC has just issued another warning about spreading false information.

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