Old ‘superman’, crazy drama and all the fun we had in Port Harcourt

Last week was fantastic for students in Port Harcourt!

What was so exciting?

Well, the MTN-led Anti-Substance Abuse Programme (ASAP) organized some of its energetic activities in tertiary institutions in the city and our minds were blown!

With all the happy screaming that happened in the schools, we don’t think we can hear the same way ever and we’re happy with it!

Also, we met a very interesting old ‘Superman’. We’ll give you that gist later.

In all the schools, whether it was the College of Health Science and Technology or Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic or Rivers State University of Science & Technology, everybody wanted to get in the door!

Here is a peep into what got everybody so inspired and excited:

Joy Benjamin, 1st-year student of the Rivers State University of Science & Technology, Port Harcourt, blew us away with her lines.

Especially when she dropped bars about subtance abuse! Port Harcourt rappers did not come to play!

All the excitement got everyone amped for the interactive sessions with experts like Wendy Wokoma, Lead Consultant, Gesamt Health Care, who shared nuggets on the power of decision making and how it allows for good life choices including the choice to stay drug-free.

Riveting’s colourful dramatic piece on the craze of addiction, illicit drugs and pain – Area Boy – continued to be a winner, each time.

And the performances by David Jones David, actor, singer and anti-substance ambassador, had students on their feet!

The Awareness Walk was the definition of ‘Energy Central’, everybody was stoked to hit the streets of Port Harcourt, and show Rivers State why everyone needs to stand with #ASAP!

We can’t forget ‘Papa’! He walked the entire length of the 4km Awareness Walk from the State Secretariat to Mile 1 Park, to CFC and back to the Park.

And he held on to his bicycle the whole time! Our own Superman-oldie! (PS: We taught him how to ‘zanku’ too.)

Now, you understand why Port Harcourt was a whole lot of fun for us?

It’s easy, the programme has found the most interesting ways to get young Nigerians to understand that there’s a drug problem in Nigeria, substance-abuse destroys lives and that life’s way cooler without drugs!

Now, the team is moving to Imo State! While we wait for all that the Eastern Heartland has for us, there are awesome ways to help and influence your friends and family.

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