Zambia former minister arrested for misspending aid money

Authorities in Zambia have arrested an ex-government minister for “abuse of authority of office”, a statement from Zambian anti-corruption and anti-money laundering agencies said.

Emerine Kabanshi, who was formerly in charge of a community development and social services, was arrested by a joint team of investigators following concerns on how she spent funds donated by the UK government.

The $3.5m (£2.7m) was intended for poor families as part of Zambia’s social cash transfer programme, an initiative to help vulnerable households in extreme poverty.

Ms Kabanshi is accused of collaborating with Zambia postal services to misspend the money on expensive vehicles, prompting the UK, along with Ireland, Sweden and Finland, to freeze aid to Zambia.

President Edgar Lungu sacked Ms Kabanshi last year following the accusations.

She is currently awaiting a date to appear in court. Ms Kabanshi has declined to comment.

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