‘He’s so sick!’ – Deeney brushes aside criticism of Martial

Watford striker Troy Deeney has said he doesn’t understand the criticism that Anthony Martial receives, saying the Manchester United attacker is “so sick.”

Martial has often been brilliant during his five-year spell at Old Trafford, but has failed to convince on other occasions while seeing his work-rate and attitude questioned. 

The 24-year-old has been in strong form for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side in 2019-20, scoring 15 goals in all competitions, including 11 in the Premier League. 

Deeney has seen what Martial can do first-hand, and has said that some fans don’t understand how and when a striker should apply himself on the defensive side of the ball.

“How can you not like Martial? He’s so sick,” Martial told United We Stand.

“He scored against us, everybody said he was unbelievable. He could play the same game against Burnley and not score and he’s ‘lazy’. That’s how fickle fans are.

“He could play really bad, have real bad touches, score two, you win 2-0, [and people say] Martial’s unbelievable today. They’re not looking at the footballing context. If you’re looking at it from a purely football context – why’s he going to chase a right-back down?

“He’s not going to do that. I’m not going to lie, it’s how I made a living!”

There has been plenty of debate over Martial’s best position, with the 24-year-old having been rotated between centre-forward and winger during his time with Man Utd.

Though the Frenchman has proven to be adept at both positions, Deeney is among the group who believe he would be at his best with one clearly defined role. 

“I still thin”I still think they need to figure out Martial – is he playing on the left or as a striker?” Deeney added.

Former Arsenal defender Lee Dixon spoke out on Martial’s development recently, saying that Thierry Henry had told him that Martial was exactly the same as he was when he arrived in the Premier League.

According to Dixon, Henry said that was due to a lack of characters in the United dressing room.

“He said, ‘He’s exactly like I was when I came to Arsenal. He needs to go through the process like I did with you lot and I don’t know if the Manchester United dressing room is like that’. He said that was the making of him,” Dixon said of Henry.

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