I owe my success as Sports Minister to God – Solomon Dalung

Immediate past Sports Minister Solomon Dalung has revealed the secret to his relative success as the government’s head of sports.

Dalung was appointed by President Buhari in 2015 upon his assumption of office as President and the Barrister says the appointment came to him as a surprise.

Speaking at a send-off ceremony, Dalung disclosed that his main mission after accepting the post was brokering unity among the staff at the ministry.

The ministry has the highest attrition rate of all government positions with appointees averaging two years but Dalung managed to hold power for four years. He has attributed it to his ability to deal with the power-brokers within the sector.

“I never expected to be nominated for a ministerial position. When I was posted to the Ministry of Youths and Sports Development, I knew where I was coming to. But I was determined and convinced I was going to make a difference,” he said.

“Making a difference was not in terms of performance but I told myself I would be an undertaker to correct one impression that has been given about the leadership in the ministry.

“And that is the concept that there are people who determine the days of the minister in the ministry.

“This ministry has the highest turnout of ministers, so many were sacked with damaging editorials. I asked God to use me as the undertaker so that the incoming ministers can have the confidence to work.

I am thanking God that I am the longest-serving minister of Youth and Sports Development in Nigeria. As for my performance is left to your judgment,” he said.

Source JiveNaija.com
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