The Unmissable: 5 things to look forward to at the Champions League finals

Even if we don’t have a Champions League Final this year, football fans will still remember the 2018/2019 UCL as one of the very best seasons of Tuesday & Wednesday night football.

Many are already calling it the “UCL of Comebacks”, and that seems like a fitting name. With Nigerians watching in excitement at the all-new Heineken House in Ikoyi, Liverpool will be playing their second con and here are 5 things we will be expecting to see when they meet Tottenham on Saturday:

A very high tempo game

Both teams thrive on the fast-paced nature the UEFA Champions League is known for, and have squads that play it so well.

With their speedy wingers, and quick-footed strikers, everyone that will be watching the match will hope to see some end-to-end action and they won’t be disappointed.

Already, both teams have scored a total of 24 goals after the group stages and might be hoping to get that tally up to 30.

Liverpool fans chanting the Allez Allez Allez song

Asides from Liverpool’s comeback heroics, the club and her fans are well known for their season chants and for the 2018/2019 season, their chant has been the “Allez Allez Allez” song. In many of their matches, their fans have been known to sing it at the top of their voices and the Madrid Finals should be no different.

A fun time for fans in Lagos at the all new Heineken House

Premium beer brand, and longtime UCL sponsor, Heineken will be hosting hundreds of her Nigerian fans to a viewing of the finals in Lagos, at the all new Heineken House, which means they will get an exciting experience as they watch and share a few beers with their friends.

The Heineken House which has for years been a one-stop shop for exciting experiences has just been upgraded and will be hosting the final viewing. As with many viewings this season, there will be lots of exciting gifts to be won, so attendees are in for a surprise.

Some touchline theatrics

Managers of both Champions League sides are well known for their touchline reactions and we will be expecting to see some of those during the June 1st face-off.

During one of Klopp’s celebrations, while coaching in Germany, he broke his glasses amidst jubilations.

Poch also had his wristwatch almost slipping away while celebrating their win against Ajax. Let’s hope they wear clothing that allows them to jump as much as they want to.

An electric opening ceremony

Imagine two Dragons facing off? Well, that’s what the final will be and what else can you expect? The UCL Finals will be showing in over 200 countries, and in some of those countries, some people will be watching solely for the opening excitement, and they will definitely get a thrill.

This game will be the first time since 2008, two English teams will face off for the glory of being called the Champions of Europe.

Given the huge following of the UEFA Champions League in Nigeria, thousands of fans will be looking to watch the unmissable match in an exciting atmosphere and what better place than the Heineken House, the home of such experiences?

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