Writer Elnathan John blasts Athletics Federation for poor treatment of Divine Oduduru

Renowned author, Elnathan John, has hit out at the Athletics Federation of Nigeria for trying to court viral sensation Divine Oduduru after how poorly they treated him when he was an unknown athlete in the country.

Divine Oduduru left the shores of Nigeria to pursue his athletics career after being ignored by the AFN while he was still finding his feet.

Last year, he became a viral meme when he mispronounced the word ‘expected’ as ‘experred’ and became the originator of the phrase ‘I never experred it’.

After a year in the US, he has found his feet and is breaking records in both 100m and 200m sprints. As a result, it is alleged that the AFN are trying to convince him to represent Nigeria instead of the US.

Amidst the rumour, popular author Elnathan John, has hit out at the AFN for their hypocritical behavior.

Renowned writer Elnathan John

He stated that Nigerians made mockery of Divine and paid no attention to his talent back in the day but want to be associated with him now that he has become a star.

He wrote:

“Nooooooooooooooooooo. We laughed at him. Ignored him. Underfunded him. Mocked his English. Turned him into a meme. Then he went abroad. Won everything. Was celebrated. Promoted. And now we want him back. Fvck you all.”

Meanwhile Divine was asked in an interview if he would represent Nigeria in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and he stated that he will not be available for the trials and added that the AFN has a lot of work to do before the competition starts.

“Next year will be very important in my school athletics career, and I don’t think I will be available for the national trials in Nigeria,” he said.

“I think our government should have a rethink on how to reposition athletics. Our government is paying lip service to athletics, and it must change before serious preparation starts for Tokyo 2020 Olympics,” he added.

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